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On Friday I had blood work done. I received the results back Monday. To make a long story short I just found out my A1C is 11.2, am I freaked out about it ABSOLUTELY. For the past few years my A1C levels went from being in the 6 range to now the 11 range. When Covid came about my job immediately went remote from home permanently. I don’t leave the house as much these days still, not unless it’s to the grocery store, Dr appts, etc. I don’t get in any exercise as I should. My Dr has suggested I take Metformin ER twice a day and go on a low carb diet. With that I have to add in some exercise. I am 53 yrs young and want to remain young. I’ve often had a hard time following a low carb lifestyle but I have to do this, I want my A1C levels back to a normal level.