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Has any one found a way to prove that diabetes 2 was caused by exposure to Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam or Thailand??


I went to my doctor and we discussed my diabetes. My complaint is the wild flucuation of my numbers. I told him a used 5 or 6 units of Lispro after every meal. He told me that he has patients who use “twenty” units of insulin to react to meals.

He agreed to give me a script for Lantus (slow-acting insulin ) at one dose of twenty units at night. And then he pushed me to consider a pill to counter spikes after meals. I told him I was skeptical.

He gave me a script for Januvia ( DPP-4 inhibitor ). He seemed anxious to have me take it. He gave me a Savings Card for the pill.

He said I can keep the fast-acting Insulin Lispro and use it if need be. I will give it a shot and see if my numbers will behave.


12 units of Lantus at night and one 5mg Tradjenda in the morning. Dr gave me Tradjenta instead of Januvia; it is another DPP-4 inhibiter. I am on my second day of these, and so far I still must use Insulin Lispro to treat spikes.


Contact your veteran’s administration for that. I went to a meeting at my local ADA and there was a guy that worked with veterans that stated agent orange had caused diabetes in troops that were in vietnam


My friends husband has been told that is how he got it. He is in his mid 60s and he takes insulin. He goes to the va for treatment in Michigan!


My meds have changed. Slow acting - 14 units at night. Januvia 1/day. Fast acting Humalog as needed on a sliding scale.


I saw an endochrinologist recently and they increased my diabetic meds. I am now taking Januvia along with the metformin I was taking and the amaryl. My metformin was changed from 850 mg 3 times a day to 1000 mg twice a day.


Wow. This could be a helpful thread. Why did it just now show up in my “newsfeed?”

It seems to have petered out in uselessness. Aren’t there enough of us here? I have no idea. First I have seen of it…


Hi - I thought this might be the best place to talk about this - I’m currently doing a PhD to help better understand and fight type 2 diabetes. If you would like to help fund me please visit the link above.