Absorption Issues

Absorption Issues

I seem to get best control when I wear my pump on my stomach. My arms are okay too, but my legs and upper buttocks seem to be hit or miss…like I am always running higher for some reason when I wear my pump there?? I obviously cannot only use my stomach and arms (I already have a fair amount of scar tissue building on my stomach). Is there any way to deal with this? If I can’t make it work, I’ll have to go back to MDI… I wear the omnipod… I know other pumps offer different types of cannulas… maybe that might work? Any advice would be great. I love my pump, but I have enough variables…I can’t come up with different basal rates based on where I wear my pump too!!

Overall I always found most consistent and quickest absorption with belly-shooting. This w as a tip passed on to me in the ... late 1980's? Yes, that far back. I don't think I did any belly-shooting at all for most of my first decade.

Have you tried the girls yet? Check out this thread on the dexcom group.


Did you see the pix in the thread? On the side under the band. Might be worth a try.

Easy enough to "stuff" the other side for balance if you feel the need. Since its not a site that gets casual touch or tends to get banged going through doors, or gets tugged with clothing up and down is worth a try.