Omnipod on the arm

Are there any sites that people have found their insulin absorption isn’t that good. I just put the pod on my arm for the first time and my numbers have been like 160 after every meal. Does anyone else think the pod on the arm isn’t as good?

I actually find that the sides and slightly to the back of my arms seem to be the best for me…I also use sites between my stomach and chest area and that’s when I notice that I don’t seem to have as good of numbers. In fact I just put an new pod on this morning and ate my normal breakfast and when I checked I was at 180 3 hrs later so had to do a correction and the 2 previous pods on my arm I was always around 100 after 2-3hrs later…Thiink it’s an individual thing for each person and what works best for some won’t for others. I’d suggest keeping some sort of log on where your sites are and how they preform so you can those that work better ! Best of luck!

I was having a horrible time with absorption in my abdomen and when I first tried my arms (tricep) I absolutely get better numbers! Everyone’s different I guess.

I’m a little embarassed, if I had a post lunch of 160 it would be exactly where I want it to be! any lower, and I would tend to be VERY low around dinner, and my A1C has been in the 6.5 area for the past few years! Because I workout everyday, I believe my arm is the BEST absorption area, the other areas I use are the belly, thigh, and upper butt. All these areas (except my belly/hip) do about the same, my belly/hip just takes about a full 24hrs. before its right on track. Anyway…your numbers are imressiive! Keep Rockin!

Interesting… my best numbers are in the abdomen…

My arms are the most consistent. Inner-thighs is where I have the most problems, particularly for the first 6-8 hours after a pod change.

I’ve never even tried my arms because I don’t have much fat on my triceps. I’ve been thinking about it, though. Any tips?

I (when I put it on my arm area, which is the best absorption area on my body) always put it very high toward the front, close to my chest. That seeems to be the best area on my entire body…Almost on the bicep/and shoulder but not quite. I would share a photo but I dont have one, sorry! Good luck, and PEACE!

I’m hard pressed to find anywhere (besides my abdomen and butt, where I have TERRIBLE absorbtion) with much fat that I can place the pods.
There is, however, a little teensy pocket of what I call “not quite muscle yet” towards the back of my arms, which provides me with the best absorbtion and the least-noticeable (for me…) place to wear the pod! Excelent for exercising & extreme sports!

I like using my arms the most. It seems to keep the pump mostly out of the way. Though I do have a habit of knicking them on corners and doorways. I haven’t noticed any difference in absorption between my abdomen, back or arms. I have had a few pod changes in different areas that have given me unusual highs post change but they seems to fix themselves with a little bit of a correction. I don’t know if there’s air in the cannula or what but it seems to need a little push sometimes. I recently had a site on my arm go really bad. I ended up with a two-chamber abscess in the area. I’m afraid that i won’t be able to use that arm for a while, if ever.

One thing that seems to help me with changes is a 10 to 20% (higher than usual) temp basal for 3hours after an insertion…
Tend not to have the unusual highs and by the third hour unless iv had a meal or bolused and it hasnt taken effect, the high after the end of the temp basal will sort of alert me to a possible problem…

Your milage may vary

(Wont let me edit… so it be 110% or 120% basal rate)

Finally decided to try my upper arm. I had very good adhesion and no trouble at all sleeping the first night. I hardly knew it was there. However, when I took a shower, I completely forgot about it and knocked it off with the washcloth. I put the replacement on my other arm. I think I’ll put this location into my regular rotation.

I have the same issue in the shower, though one would think I would be past that now, seieing as I have been a “podster” for as long as the pod has been available! (I was one of the pilot testers). Also, once you get used to it enough not to have it ripped off by a doorjam (per SFPete, above) or getting in and out of your car, it is the best location, I find. Glad you like it! Keep Rockin!