Placement issues

Does anyone notice their pod being less effective based on where you wear it? I've had success with arms, but tried legs and my BS readings were like I was getting no insulin at all.

my son finds legs tricky because of more musculature there, he has more occlusions there, i suppose everyone is different and has their fav. sites, jacobs are his belly which he can overuse and end up some some issues with that, arms second which he may get slightly better absorption. i wish he would try his low back area but he is resistant to try. trial and error, hoping for less error and more ease for you amber! amy

Thanks for the encouragement! It's comforting to know there are others who understand these issues!

According to my doctor, muscles can actually accelerate absorption due to the increase blood usage there. But there are many factors on absorption. Like for instance, my biggest problem is scar tissue from years of MDI. You just have to use a bit of trail and error to find the best locations, and know what their affects are. I normally wear on my arms and abs. I have two basal rates for each location.

Thanks, Scott! I should probably try my abdomen, but I usually wear fitted clothing, so I'm trying to avoid having a second, larger "bulge" for people to stare at (first being my Dexcom). Guess it's time to throw vanity out the window! :)

Oh yes!!! My stomach, my left side just below my belt line - super absorption! Sometimes I have to shut down completely! My legs, thighs, hips - always goes high. Weird.

I find this is great as far as hiding also as I usually am in jeans it doesn't show at all.

I am also working on finding the best absorption sites. Due to a goof up on reordering and an MDI stint over Christmas I had an extra 2 boxes I don’t normally have. I have been trying places on my body that are not my usual places to see if absorption is better. I am on my second pod that I’ve placed on the inside of my forearm. I can no longer use my outer thighs or my tricep region, and I’m not a fan of the stomach. So far it’s worked great. I had a huge gusher taking it out, but the absorption was consistent for the full 80 hours. I’ve also tried my calves. The first day was kind of crappy, but days 2 and 3 went well. Tops of my thighs are no good though. I think it’s a “your mileage may vary” situation.