Best Absorption Sites

I find that the stomach works the best for me. When I use my arm or upper thigh the insulin doesn't seem to absorb as quickly and my numbers seem to spike quicker, and that is even after waiting 20 mins to eat after bolusing. Do others that use the omnipod agree?

I am fairly new to the Omnipod (about 3 months) but to me the very strange thing is that I don’t notice much of a difference. I rotate from upper arm, thigh, stomach, lower back and rear-end.

I say that is very strange in that I grew up being told to be careful where I went with injections, as absorption rates can be a big deal in various areas of the body. When on MDIs I used the stomach and legs only with negligible difference in absorption, if any.

I have been using the Omnipod for almost three years. Yes, agree with Rich - I too have the best results when I use my stomach. The absorption doesn’t seem to work quite as well with my arms and/or other areas.

I definately notice differences, stomach and back are working well, back of arms not as reliable, for me the pod needs to face my side (not towards my navel) on the stomach sites to work best, face forward when on my lower back/side and down on the back of the arms. I tried my thigh once and it didn’t work at all and have been too chicken to try again. For me I also experience a bit of a slow start-up when I change a pod too. It takes time to work out some of the kinks. For anyone switching they should read this site for a month before making the move. I’ve learned more here than from my education nurse. With all the tweaks and bumps, this is still much better than shots and I hope the technology gets better.

My results are the opposite. Get my best results from the back of my arms and have more issues when using my stomach area so I think it’s different for each of us and how it works but keep trying different sites and moving slightly. I have found that by moving further away from my stomach more towards my sides almost straight down from the inside of my arm and just above my waist have worked well. Not much of a move but much better results for me so keep trying and you’ll find what works best for you! Best of Luck! ~Schmutz (6mo. Podder)

Same as Schmutz. Arms work gerat, abs are hit and miss, literally. I just started trying my lower back. One occlusion and one working well so far.

I use exclusively thighs and have found absorbption to be just as good as with the back of my arms which I’d used for over a year. More area available on thighs than on arms in my case.