Accidental double dose

So I fell asleep on my couch and woke up around 3am–I didn’t remember taking my toujeo so I took it. But my husband said I did take it before falling asleep. I have had 2hypos this am. So, I likely have double the amount of basal in me today. I am worried about what the rest of the day will bring. And…do I take my basal as usual tonight?? Please help!!

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I hate when that happens! You need to remain vigilant today but you can do it. I would fingerstick more frequently and whenever you have the slightest sense of being low. Do you have some quick acting glucose on hand? I find glucose tabs the best antidote for a low but liquids like fruit juice can be used effectively.

I find “basal lows” to be more persistent and may require more frequent and sustained treatment than a bolus low. If you pay attention, I wouldn’t be overly worried. I would avoid any other social activities today. The last thing you need is a distraction! I would also avoid driving.

As far as whether to take your evening basal dose, I would. Good luck and please report back. We want to know that you’re OK!


Thanks so much!! You have no idea how much I appreciate your response!

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Here’s what the Toujeo package insert says about overdosage:

More from the Toujeo package insert. You may think of this graph for an “average” person using Toujeo. Your experience will likely differ some. It uses a test called a “euglycemic clamp” so that it can indirectly show the action curve of Toujeo for the average person. Since you indavertantly “stacked” two doses of Toujeo, your experience is a little more complicated. Anyway, you can get a rough idea as to the peak and duration of Toujeo in your system.

A euglycemic clamp tracks how much glucose it takes to keep blood sugar level after a dose of Toujeo, in this case. Although this curve shows glucose, it indirectly shows insulin action.

How are you doing, @JCVillafranca? I’m curious how you fared yesterday. I hope you’re OK.

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I overdosed my kid on Lantus in the first few weeks after his diagnosis. They had me do a “20 uncovered g of carbohydrate per hour and test” routine and recommended things like orange juice and bananas as carb sources (because they’re high in potassium, so they help stave off the hypokalemia). Given what’s in the post Terry4 put up, it’s something to consider… hope all’s well.

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle but made it thru with a couple hypo events. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I ate so I didn’t have to bolus once in a good range. Hoping too never make that mistake again!!! Thanks for your guidance!

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