Accu-Chek Compact data transfer

OK - I'll admit it, I'm cheap.

I have had 4 AccuChek Compact meters and I like them, and am able to deal with some of the quirks they have.

But I would like to readily actually be able to transfer data to my smartphone. I have had exactly ONE transfer happen. I have not been able to have it happen since. I called support, and got the answer so familiar to me - it's not our software, I can't help you.

Is there a ready way to see whether or not the meter is actually attempting to transmit? It goes into the 7/arrow mode, but I have no IR signal coming into my phone. I've done every variation that anyone can think of.

The most satisfying thing that happened to me was watching the endo unable to convince it to download without finally calling support themselves and they have the rouche software!!!

What software are you using? Is there such a thing as free and/or open source software that will actually work with the meters? I had a look around when I first got my Accu-chek Integra, and gave it all up as hopelessly proprietary binary blobs. That said, I'd love to hack one of these things. I'm something of a data geek, and having easy access to my BG data would be seriously awesome.

I have used several generations of the Accu-check Compact meters. I like them inspite of their quirks. I test very very often as my BG changes very quickly. FWIIW, I have and use the standard IR reader and software provided by Roche. The setup is easy to use and provides the detailed test reports that I need to provide for Medicare. It does not seem worthwhile trying to troubleshoot kludges when there is a good system already available. Also I am not convinced that a smartphone is a good device for handling the data as right now printing from one is an issue in itself.

Great to see someone using the Roche software with success. Are you on Windows?

Yes, Windows. The software is the Roche Accucheck 360. The box comes with a small USB infra red reader and the software. Once the software is loaded select the download mode. Place the top of the meter facing the IR reader and hold down the buttons marked M and S (simultaneously) until the meter shows two sets of blinking arrows. The software does the rest. If you have more than one meter ( I have three) they can be read one after the other. The software sorts the test data by the time stamp. There are facilities to edit the time stamp for test data missing a time stamp. There are several statistical charts available, but the one I appreciate the most is a detailed list of all the test results showing the timd/date info. For individuals that test many times a day and expect Medicare to pick up the cost of the test strips, that repoet is critical. I use almost 900 strips a quarter and manually preparing that report would be a giant task. without a computer.

in theory there is. I found this stuff out on the free stuff for Windows Mobile smartphones, although I think they have developed more than for just that OS. As you can tell from my original post, I haven't exactly been overly successful!!!

BTW the Accu-chek 360 package contains a USB infra red reader and the software on CD for only $34.99 with free shipping currently from the Accu-chek eStore.

Its a great deal. The package also downloads data from the Roche insulin pump and all the other new Roche meters equipped with IR transmitters. There is a new and FREE software update for Windows 7 if you have the older version.