Accu-Chek is being cancelled by my insuance

CVS - Carmark wrote me and today and informed me that my coverage will no longer include Accu-Check strips. Anyone else having this problem? Is there anything that can be about this? Thanks

Hi Mark, The short answer is yes. If you are on the combo pump, then the meter is intergral to the pump. You don't have the choice of another meter.

Depending on how your insurance works, your Dr can issue a medical necessity letter, otherwise a call to them would likely resolve it.

The insurance companies work at reducing costs by negociating with vendors. Then they make the cheapest vendor the preferred vendor. There are thousands, probably 100 of thousands that use the various accu-chek meters but not the pump. Those people are out of luck.

IF we all scream loud enough, maybe.

Your question implies you are insured through CVS. I did not thing they offered insurance. I do know that it has become more difficult for me to obtain strips for my Accucheck Compact Plus meter because many suppliers are no longer willing to stock strips for this meter. There has been such an increase in the number of different meters and strips, the pharmacies want to streamline their inventories. My insurance will pay for the strips but I have had to find other suppliers. In my case the pharmacy at my local Shoprite supermarket was willing to supply the strips even though the preferred mail order supplier designated by my insurance plan that used to supply my strips stopped stocking them. So without knowing the exact details of your insurance plan, I suggest that you find out if your insurer refused coverage or the CVS refused to stock them. If your insurer will pay for the strips, you need to seek out a different supplier. Good Luck.

I believe that my insurance is through Carmark but it covers me through any outlet -- CVS, Wallgreens etc. I will have to check about other places other than the mail-order site I have been using.

My Endo offered me a letter of medical necessity because my pump uses freestyle strips. I never wanted to bother. Maybe I will now.

I still think that insurance should offer many different sources of strips. This idea of going with only a low cost vender for strips bothers me. As we all know they are not all the same.

thanks for the replies