Accu-Chek Mobile

I’ve seen it for a long time now (over a year here on this side of the pond) but have not seen any real reviews of it. So has anyone on here tried it? Just as noisy as Compact or is it completely silent?

As it is now I do not need to monitor my levels much at all. But my husband and I are planning to become parents within a near future and with my current pre-diabetic levels (from time to time) I will be monitoring closely when I am pregnant so I don’t go around with high levels and not knowing until it is screened for at a checkup. I’m like 99% sure I’ll be diabetic while pregnant so I might as well just prepare for it :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason I’m asking about Accu-Check Mobile is because it’s a bit more pricey than other meters (so I don’t just want to buy one to try just like that), but does have the advantage of NO STRIPS! I have briefly tested the Accu-Chek Compact plus before but didn’t like it because it sounded too much, other than that I liked its concept with all in one unit.

So if comparing Mobile and Compact plus. Which one is most convenient and has the least noise?

Right now I have an Aviva Nano for when I test, but its strips are HUGE and all over the place. I’d like to keep the amount of waste down for each test.