Need some info/help picking a meter

Our insurance offers the Accu-chek Compact Plus for free, and it looks like a pretty cool meter. Does anyone have it and would you recommend it? Thanks!

I have 2… I love them. Easy to use, easy to read display. And the really cool part is the lancing device (which is the best I’ve ever used) hooks right on the side! So nothing to carry extra. I never use the carry case cause it bulky. But I am very rough on my stuff and never had a single problem with it.

I’ve dropped it thrown it all sort is stuff. Works perfect. It doesn’t display averages or any of that fancy stuff but you can upload it to diasend if you need to.

Also, accu chek has a strip program… You never pay more than 15 dollars a month for strips. It’s fantastic!!! No matter if it’s 100 or 300 they reimburse the insurance company for the copay so yours won’t be as high. Before that I was paying 50 dollars a month for one touch and that was my insurance companies preffered brand!