Accu Chek Mobile

Actually have you seen the Accu-Chek Mobile?

50 tests on a cartridge, 6 lancets to a drum..

OLED display and pre/post meal tagging..

Kinda reminds me of an updated Compact Plus..

Not avalible in the States of course

50 tests on a cartridge? Hows big is the meter? My Compact Plus is already kinda bulky.

Its about the same size as the compact plus… Its all in one piece, so a little bulk for not having to carry around a vial or spare drum of strips, and not having to carry around a lancet and holder. try this. The grab and go value instead of dealing with a case would make up for some of the bulk (there is a cell-phone type sleeve avalible, and a small case, where you can throw in other supplies as well)

Link to UK site


looks fantastic!!! Any word on US availability?

No idea… I see pump user written all over this… where a vial of 25 strips lasts all of 3 days tops…
Accu-Cheks been really slow at the US releases… Theres the Spirit Combo pump, theres the Nano and now theres the Mobile and no word on any of them (though the Nano was delayed due to reforumation of the Avivia strip to deal with the icodextrin issue if my pointed questions were right…)

I’m testing the new accu-check mobile in Norway. I think its okay, but i would like it to be smaller. The greatest thing with this meter is that you dont have rubbish (strips coming out) after every test. It has 6 lancets and 50 strips, so you doesnt have to change lancets and strips all the time.

Unlike the compact plus it really is entirely self contained, part of it was due to the lack of surfboards/d-trash floating around your meter case… (Surfboard= the name for a test strip that you tried to throw out that seem to fly all over the place due to their low mass and size)

I have been using the mobile since the beginning and I loved it. 50 tests and no rubbish after testing. Great invention. As I am now using an Omnipod I switch to the meter on the PDM. The first thing I thought when I saw the PDM BG meter is WHY NOT PUT AN ACCU CHECK MOBILE IN THE PDM? That would make it a lot better. But it is not the case. I have to use teststrips again and have a sepperate finger pricker (ok an Accu-Chek FastClix). Now I have two AC mobiles and I am not using them anymore. But belief me it is the best BG meter I have had. And last year they improved it and it became even smaller.

Yes that was the only disadvantage of that meter. It's a bit bulky. But one at home and one in my business case it was never a problem. Maybe in the future a Omnipod PDM with a cassette BG meter.

Wow The Accu-Chek mobile went on a diet!... I think its smaller than the Compact Plus or at least a lot less bulky... Still no news of US avalibility but there is news of a codefree version of the Nano (with the new Aviva Plus strips), as well as FastClix, and signs of the Combo.. but no news on the Mobile...

It looks like one of the few A-C meters I can actually get into using.. Aviva has no backlight (wtf).. and Compact Plus uses way too much blood for a pump user.. its almost as much as a Lifescan product..