Accu-Chek Multi click Lancet

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering about the accu-chek multi click lancet… does it require that switch the cartage out after 6 uses? In other words, does it require you to move to the next lancet each poke and then replace?

I know I should use a fresh lancet with every poke, but I’ll be honest, I do not. I do however try to change them frequently and feel like the multi click might be an option for me, unless I have to switch it every 6 pokes… then it’s not worth it.


I change mine about once a month. Bad, I know, but I use each lancet until it starts hurting. :smile:

Oh, I think I’ve got you beat there. By quite a bit. I’ve never been good about that one.


I change mine on Mondays; both the Multiclix and the Fastclix do not force you to advance the drum to the next lancet each time.

I switch out the drum a couple times a year but I have 3 of the devices, so they don’t all get used every day. I never get any type of infections but then again I almost never get sick, either. Some people have problems with infections and illnesses, so I’m not suggesting to you that you should go for months on 1 drum, like I do. :slight_smile:

I change the drum about once a week. More often than most I guess.

Like they already said, it is perfect for forgetters. (Or lazies) I changed all the time since an infection one time
I really like the accu-chek

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I change the lancet on the drum every few months. I have two of the multi click lancets and have used them for many years. I’m still on my first box of drums.

I learned from the old diabetes newsgroup that there was no need to change the lancet from a safety or pain standpoint. I find the lancet less painful once it is broken in.

I have been reusing lancets for a good 15 years now and have never had an infection.

I will change lancets before and after if someone borrows mine, as it is very dangerous to share needles with another person. But that only happens very rarely, like when one of my kids wonders how their blood sugar is doing.

I use the Muliclix and use a lancet for perhaps a week or two at a time before changing it. Having the drum with six in there has actually increased the amount of times I change it, because as soon as it starts hurting or I have trouble getting blood, I just twist the back to a new lancet. I just picked up a new box of 102 lancets the other day—the last time I filled a prescription for 102 Multiclix lancets was 2011. :​)

once every couple months for me as well.

I don’t use multi-clicks but as far as lancet changing goes, let’s just say the prescription for my current box shows it was filled in a year with more zeroes in it. Never had an infection and I think the manufacturer’s urgency about how often you should change them (every time!) contains not a little self-interest.

I used to reuse my BD syringes quite a bit too. Anyone else remember those ads showing how much the needle tips degraded from a single use? Probably they still have 'em up somewhere. “Maximum injection comfort!” Ahhhh…

I often used syringes 2 or 3 times.