Accu Chek Smartpix

So what are people thinking of the Smartpix, after the slight learning curve and setup?

At least now I can merge my BG readings from my PDA with my pump....

Still wish it had some of the reports that are in 360, but it seems the US has a different version of the Smartpix firmware. (im guessing its partially to do with unapproved devices and such but it seems to have a few more reporting options)

In general im happy with it... would love to see what the future holds for upgrades.

Also seems to work decently (albeit with a cross scripting warning, (its ok).... under windows 7

Has anyone tried it and loved it, or cursed it?


Hi John, if I’m honest ,

I have to tell you that I’ve no idea what you are talking about! I have never heard of the Smartpix. we dont have the PDA thing here in Ireland either as far as I know. Interestingly though, my diabetes nurse specialist rang me yesterday wondering if I would trial a new “gizmo” that Accu chek are now trialing with the Spirit. It has something to do with calculating the amount of insulin you need to bolus when you enter in how many carbs you’ve eaten. I’m wondering if this is something similar to what you’re talking about?


Smartpix is a grey/silver box with a USB cable that has built-in software to download from Accu Chek Meters/Spirit Pump/ PDA/ …It lets you merge your Accu Chek Meters readings with your Spirit pump log, and allows you to print a bunch of different reports from your web browser… Think of it as a version of the Accu Chek 360 software just for printing reports …

Heh we dont have the Accu Chek Spirit Combo or the Accu Chek Aviva Plus or what they call the gizmo that will calculate carbs/boluses and has an Aviva meter built in and a color screen)

The device im referring to is in the UK, not sure about ireland
and /or

Hi John !

I use Carelink… If you don’t have nevest firmware, then download it from web site. I upgraded my 2.0.1 to 3.0.

I use device mostly to download data to my software (GGC), next version will have Spirit support (and also Combo) added… Graphs that device itself produces are not too informative and not really usefull… I haven’t tried AccuChek 360 yet (problem working it on x64 machine), but I hope its better.