Accurate doses with Novopen?

Does anyone else wonder if they are getting accurate doses from their Novopen? I tend to take one unit more than I need most of the time because there is a lot of dripping from the needle at the end of the pen so I wonder if I dial 3 units if 3 units are actually going in…just wondering if anyone else has this trouble?

How long do you leave the needle in? I have that problem if I take it out too soon. I’ve also discovered that some places are bad sites. Its weird, but if it doesn’t hurt at all when I stick myself, I have no issues, but if it hurts I have drips and leaks back out on my skin. I guess if it hits something at the surface of the skin, it doesnt work so well. Its a dice roll :slight_smile:

I have had that problem with my pen, with a drip on the needle when pulled out. One thing I can suggest is to leave the pen at the skin and dont pull out till you count to 10 and then you will be assure that all the insulin. I hope this bit of help works out for you.

For both Scott and Sarah, I make sure I count at least 1 second for each unit I inject, but a minimum of 10 seconds. If I do this, I don’t have the problems you mentioned. As far a accuracy, I dunno.

Hello all! and Sara, it happened the same to me too, then I realized it was because I removed too soon as Scott mentioned then I did what Tanya and Gus suggested, its ok now :slight_smile:

ohh is this problm with all i thougnt only in our country we are not sure wht we r geting .yes my nova pen always dripping
i keep one extra unit and wait a munite needle inside theigh ,when took out it again drips
that we r loosers from both sides

I found out that longer needles of a bigger gauge too cause less dripping. But they hurt more.

I have been using Humalog, but soon will be switching to Apidra and Novolog to see which gives me better control.

Humalog takes almost exactly 1 hour longer to work that I want it to. High 2hr PP, but one hour later, normal BS.

Do you dose Novolog pen like you do with Humalog pen?

I count 1 second for each unit too. Then if I use a short needle with a small gauge, I have to press on the injection site to keep from leaking.

Anyone try QuikPen needles?

Sarah, I gather you are like me. You don’t need a lot of insulin. I don’t usually need more than 5 units at a time.
I am trying Lantus, levemir, and others to gain better control. I want my a1c under 5.0. Yesterday’s a1c was 5.2 .

So, I just need a little help.