Actual Life of the G4 Receiver

Dex user: My first receiver lasted a bit over 18 months. I was told to just get both transmitter (same time period) and receiver replaced even though transmitter was still working.
Just replaced second transmitter after 16 months and did not replace the receiver this time. So it is still going at 17 months. I got the smaller transmitter this time.

Nellje, when you refer to the smaller Transmitter are you talking about the one used with the latest Dexcom G4 System on the market?

Bob, I am just assuming it is the newer one with software that is supposed to be about 2% more accurate than the previous G4. It’s size is a little flatter, though not much, than my previous one. It still fits in the same hard plastic thingie that is applied via insertion and tapes it to the site. I don’t know the name for it.
I checked with my supplier when I ordered it and I was told it was the newest technology. I hope this answers your question.

Bob, I take my diabetes life in hand by posting these [such an imperfect T1 I am] but here is one set of Bayer meter and Dex readings, respectively, over 2 partial days (Some differences are much wider):

The system converted my Grab screen shot to the image thing. I hope it shows.

I’m starting year 3, no loss of function, wear on the controls, etc. Battery life seems to be holding as well.

Only “wear” is the display – pretty scratched/scuffed from the provided case.

I have a brand new one A/BC pushed me to get a year ago, when the warranty expired. Why they would want to force this is beyond me – the damn things are expensive. Anyway, I have a virgin backup, for when my current one gives up. I have a feeling I’ll still be using my original when I switch to the G5 (in which case I won’t need a separate receiver anymore anyway).

If the market was as big as for smartphones, the G4 receiver would be $19.95.

I’m not joking.