ADA: Belly Fat Loss Best to Halt Diabetes

Chris Kaiser, Cardiology Editor, MedPage Today, reports on a study presented at the American Diabetes Association 2012 Scientific Studies Conference in Philadelphia, PA this past week on the comparison of bariatric surgery techniques and their effect on type 2 diabetes. The STAMPEDE trial was done at the Cleveland Clinic.

This study found that although two bariatric surgery techniques resulted in similar weight loss, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass was associated with a higher rate of diabetes remission than sleeve gastrectomy.

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I have mixed feelings about the Cleveland Clinic, a major performer of bariatric surgery. Roux-en-Y sugery compared against other surgeys may well be better. Heck, bariatric surgery as a whole may be better than nothing. What I'd like to see is bariatric surgery compared against a low carb diet.

I have to agree w/ BSC here. This gastric bypass surgery vs. that bypass surgery is sort of meaningless. There's an AWESOME Oprah show we saw once flipping channels late at night. The gal replaced "food" with "beer" and Oprah was like "well, how much did you drink?" and I was floored when the interviewee answered an F. Scott Fitzgerald-esque something like "oh, 20, 25 beers/ night...". That was enough to scare me off. And I like beer.