ADA is looking for

1.) Signatures for their petition on affordable insulin; and,

2.) Representatives to go to DC.


Affordable insulin? What the heck is that? What we need is a time-machine to go back to late 1996 when Humalog came out. I probably was the first person in my area to get it, as I kept pestering all the pharmacy chains in San Jose for it. It was nice to stop using Velosulin in my pump and switch to Humalog! That was a good time! I only had to use Velosulin for maybe 4-6 months, as that’s how long I had my first pump (506, which quickly got switched out for a 507 after much back and forth with the Medtronic staff)

I signed the petition.

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If u belong to FB, you might go into the FB groups that pertain, and post the petition there too.

I can’t figure out how to post this to my FB page so I can ask my friends to sign. Can anyone help me?

click on the link to the petition. copy the URL and paste it into your FB post.

Thanks Dave…just figured it out on my own. Sometimes I am such a computer dummy, lol.

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Thanks for posting this. Signed