Have you guys seen this?


What a bunch of rock stars! They have been working on this scheme for a while. Seems like its gonna work out.


Here is the headline if you don’t want to click a random link:

Mayo-backed nonprofit Civica Rx plans to make low-cost insulin starting in 2024

The Rochester-based clinic was one of nine founding health systems that helped launch the manufacturer. It plans to sell insulin for a fraction of current prices.

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There are also discount cards available today, to pay “cash” (not using insurance). 2024 is a long time away.

I get novolog today for $33 per vial (savings card), but can’t get cost included by my HC plan, even though I usually max out.

It’s a shame how marked up insurance/PBMs get away with.

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This is likely the next generation of biosimilar insulin that will hopefully drive the price way down. Unlike other biosimilar products insulin pricing seems that it might actually drop a lot because of competition.

As is clear, (i have said it for years) current insulin pricing is largely the result of a choke hold that PBM’s have on the market. Which is not to forgive manufacturers. After all they always had the cash option available, and chose not to use it, to stiffly PBM’s

The question is what will be the next insulin variant that companies will patent that will flatten biosimilar manufacturers. Or maybe the answer is none, perhaps insulin has reached its development potential and so here we are. A race too bottom pricing,

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What about this legislation? Did this help? This was quite the fight that broke out with the PBMs. They hauled the PBMs in front of committee to defend themselves.

House bill 728 PBMs.docx (72.6 KB)

The manufactures are behind some of this years federal lobbying for biosimilars.

All this stuff is really on the brink of my ability to understand.

I do not know what the PBM’s are trying to do with Biosimilars. But usually if they are for it, I am against it.


I’m with you, Phil. I was suspicious, too. I still am. Something here benefits both the diabetics and pharma.