Adjusting basal rates for travel?

Hi all,

i was wondering if/how i should go about changing my basal rates–i’ll be going to china for 10 days, so about 12 hours time difference. should i just reset the time on my pump when i land, or try to make the change gradually? i’d like to do this as simply as possible so that i don’t mess it up…


I make the changes gradually throughout the flight. I change it two hours every couple hours during the flight until I am at the time of my destination. I try to check a bit more often to make sure all is OK.

Have a great trip!!

I do the same as Kristin …change along during your flight . My thoughts to add to your question ( you may know this already ) : try to move around a bit in the plane , even doing some exersises in your seat; drink lots of H2O …I always ask for an aisle seat . Remember to do same on your return flight with your pump . I have travelled to and from Europe , while on MDI quite a few times and I had to ask my Endo what to do … life became MUCH easier travelling with a pump .
What an experience to visit China !!