Time zone changes and updating pump time

I’ve been thinking about an upcoming trip where ill be spending three days in a time zone where they will be three hours off my home time zone… So when it would normally be noon at home, it will be 10am where I’m going to be for a few days.

Ok, now the big question… Should I adjust my pump and bg meter time for the new location or not…

I’ve put a lot of time thinking about this, and my basal rates adjust 4 times over the course of a day… And I will be eating at different times of the day but on the flip side… My body isn’t going to adjust up that much in only three days to change my basal rate requirements (at least I don’t think so) and after all, I’m basically just bolusing when I eat…

My CGM will definitely think I’m outside of my regular breakfast lunch and dinner time frames for the reports when I look at them… But again another minor point

I’m leaning towards not changing any times on my pump or meter while I’m gone for those three days, but I’m wondering what others do when they travel… Any insight or feedback would be appreciated!

For three days, I wouldn't change the time. It takes longer than three days for your body to adjust to a new time zone. Just test a lot, especially since meal times will be different, and correct if need be. You can also use the temporary basal (higher or lower as need be) for a few hours to help maintain. If I am going to be gone more than week, or I am 9+ hours different, then I consider changing the time.

When I board the plane, I reset my pump to the local time. I have done this for years and it always works. When I go to Europe, it means boarding at 4, but it is 11 at my destination. Since I have a dramatically low overnight basal (1.5) I up my bolus for the airplane food. Even when I fly to the west coast, I do this. It just seems to make it all easier.

I recently went to Guatemala (from California) for two weeks and though the time difference is currently only an hour I changed my pump and my meter remote. I figured I spent all that time organizing different time zones for my basal rates, might as well use them! I wouldn't worry much about it for 3 days but figure it couldn't help. Besides, since I don't wear a watch or carry a phone my meter/remote is how I tell time!

I always change my pump when I get on the plane, or sometimes hanging around the airport. I like to have fun when I travel and the whole flying experience seems to run it a bit higher sometimes, stress or whatever and I like to feel like I'm where I'm at when I'm there rather than trying to convert +/- hours every time I want to do something.

I wouldn't stress over changing or adjusting pump. It's not only for a few days, but wouldn't you just input as if you were having a regular day? I was just wondering. I don't think (not an expert though) time zone affects you on this. My advice: Enjoy the trip! Too many other things in life to stress you out, so , enjoy these special moments!

I really think it matters how much of a time difference there is. If you have, for example, a 9 hour time difference you will be receiving basal doses for a completely different "time zone".

I usually update my pump to the local time, especially since I also use my pump as my watch.

However, one time, when I returned from my trip, and was setting it back to local time, I messed up the am/pm, and was 12 hours off. Only took a couple hours to realize my basals were off.

I did not update meter or CGMS times, but this might be important if you download/consolidate the data from all the devices.

I've only ever crossed 3 time zones, but whenever I do this, and I don't remember to set my time on my pump and meter, I have a heck of a time with my blood sugars for a day or two until I remember, and then suddenly my blood sugars are fine. I recommend changing your time settings the moment you land while you're waiting to de-board the plane.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts on this… I appreciate it!