Basal patterns and travel

Any tips on how to adjust basal patterns/rates when traveling to different time zones?

Hi Diedre! You should change the time on your pump. For example, I usually do a six hour time change, and during the flight I change it back/forward two hours three time. If the time change is more that 2 hours, then don’t do it all at once! This is particularly important if you have drastic differences in your basal levels throughout the day!

Hope you have a good trip!

Thanks Kristin. Last time I just switched to one basal rate for a few days. That did not work so great.

Deirdre, I often go from the East Coast to the West Coast and vice versa, and what I usually do is similar to Kristin, except I only have to do the switch one time. Usually I have a layover somewhere in the midwest like Chicago or Dallas, and I’ll switch to that the current time zone while I’m there. Then when I land at my final destination, I’ll switch to the current time zone. I also use a temporary basal rate because my blood sugars tend to run high when I’m flying for longer than 2 hours (because of all that sitting).

Hope this helps!