Ads in the middle of a person's post?

I don’t mind ads at the top of the page. I understand things like that are needed to help support the site. But sometimes I see ads in the middle of a person’s post, and that is very distracting. I think that’s a bit over-the-top.

Is there a way to just sell ads at the top of the page?

This is fine:

But when they place it in the middle of a person’s post, it is too much!



I don’t see any ads, because I use an ad blocker, but yes, that would be incredibly irritating, and (pre ad blocker) drove me away from some sites.


I use firefox. I don’t see the ads. I don’t even remember turning on the adblocker, but maybe that’s the default. Smart. I like firefox, on my pc that is.

I also use an ad-blocker–hadn’t realized there were ads here.

Here’s the thing: on sites I really care about, I’m willing to pay a modest subscription fee, which usually includes turning ads off as a benefit. And virtually all sites that display ads are experiencing declining revenue from them across the board anyway, so a lot of them are moving to a subscription model if they can. TuD definitely falls into the category of a site I’d be willing to pay a few bucks for. I think if people are aware that the ads are a choice, rather than a forced intrusion, that makes them less annoying. “Ok, I can’t really afford/don’t want to pay the fee, so I’ll just tolerate the ads.” Because even non-profit sites need to support themselves, we all know that, right?

I am also using Firefox. The ads do not occur all the time, just occasionally.

I agree. I have absolutely no problem with TuD having ads. That is fine.

I am just asking that they restrict the placement of them.

Something like this is too much: (artist’s reenactment, notice I chose a Medtronic ad for you, DrBB. :wink: )

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Yes, I agree that placement in the middle of a post is really pushing things.



Thanks for letting me know, I have personally not seen them, but will let the office know.


Not sure if it helps, but FWIW so far it has been only Dexcom ads I have seen like that.

Doesn’t happen very much, but I will screenshot the next one I see and post it.

Wow - I haven’t seen this either! I don’t think I have an ad-blocker.

Just saw one this morning. Here is an ad that was pasted between two posts - mine and Jim’s.


@Eric2 what browser do you use. I use Chrome and had never seen these ads. On a hunch I switched to Firefox and there they were plain as day. After switching back to Chrome they disappeared.

I am using Firefox.