Advertising on tudiabetes

I know that the advertising on tudiabetes is generated by Google and that tudiabetes is not running these ads by choice. However, in my opinion ads like “The Diabetes Reversal Report” should be blocked. If you actually click on it, it takes you to a website that guarantees results in 4 weeks or your money back.

To me stuff like this is junk and does not belong on a site where most of the users will not be able to reverse their diabetes no matter what they change in their lives.

Anybody else agree with me?

Absolutely.I saw the add but I knew that you cannot block it.I complained about silly adds on my page,blocked for a day,then back again.I wish if you see some adds about curing diabetes in some Egyptian channels!!!

you can disable the ad now, those ads are in google adsence and there is a way to block anywebsite you want. there is a way to do it so people don’t see you someone selling the same thing as you.
Google adsence puts ads on your site using key words that are on the page so being a diabetic site it could have anything, but if you go into account settings you can enter the website where the ad leads and anything from that website is blocked. I have a christian website that I use google adsence as well so I know this very well. I also have a google search and have all my friends use that search instead of the one they use.

all you have to do is forward a message to manny and he will remove the offending ad, as he can block the url in the google ad.

It is not so much the ad as that there are people who produce garbage like this and try pedal it to people who would love nothing more than to get rid of their diabetes or whatever disease they might have. If there was some magic cure we all would be standing in line to make it happen.

I completely agree with you and it’s funny you mention it, because earlier today I added the offending URL to our list of blocked URLs. I will try blocking the entire domain it is leading to.

I agree that they are stupid, at least those that are like the NEW Diabetes Cure Report, but we have to allow the site to generate some income. What they make from AdSense is minimal but every cent helps.

While it may be a stupid ad that most of us know cannot be real, nobody forces you to click on it.

Done. It will take a bit until the ad stops appearing, but it will.