I am tired of featured diabetes ads!

First it was the “sponsored links” on the side of my gmail: “Compare Insulin Pumps,” “Get Free Glucose Meters,” “Taking Insulin?,” “CGM Diabetes Devices” etc. I got used to that. I mean, we’ve known for years that gmail is creepy and “reads” our emails. But now something has happened with my internet in general. EVERY ad on most websites (of course, I am not referring to specific diabetes websites, like tudiabetes or diabetesdaily) I go to is diabetes related. I mean COME ON. I’m currently writing a paper (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post) and so I went to dictionary.com. The two ads on the page are for Murray Sugar Free Cookies and Lantus. I mean, I think about diabetes ENOUGH, do I really have to be constantly reminded!? MSN and Yahoo are two more sites that do this, among others.

Now the question for you techies out there: How do I get rid of this? I have a PC and use Mozilla Firefox as my browser. I’ve heard of people getting rid of featured ads before, but I am too internet inept to figure this out.


Does this annoy anyone else?

clear your cookies. install the adblock plus add-on for firefox. problem solved.