Adult Stem Cell treatment

Does anyone know of a center in the U.S. that is performing or doing research on adult stem cell therapy? I met someone who had this treatment for her son. She took him to El Salvador to have it and is searching for anyone with any knowledge or experience with stem cell therapy in this country. It seems to be helping her son, but she would like to find someone to compare results with.

Here is some info for you:

You can also ask Don Margolis, founder of a stem cell treatment patient advocacy institute (all info from him is free)

Thank you so much. Your website is so informative. Stem cell therapy looks very promising. We need to get this information more to the the public and hopefully funding will follow. I sent an e-mail to Don Margolis.

My son was involved in the University of Florida stem cell infusion program and has had incredible results. I am not aware of any programs for adults though. I think it may have to do with adults not having their own stem cells to infuse. My son had his stored stem cells used in this study.

All of these treatments are for pt’s in the honeymoon stage only! Though I do see it’s future potential.