Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice on this issue...

I was just on vacation in Europe for 2 weeks and my numbers were BEAUTIFUL. I was taking such small doses of lantus with such great results (6U @ 8:30 am and 6U @9:00 pm). only small amounts of novolog with meals. blood sugars have been terrible since I have returned. I have tweaked my doses, opened brand new vials of insulin...I have been waking up high coming down with large corrections, and then creeping up high again around dinner time.

I would also love to hear from anyone who has tweaked their lantus dose a few times to find the routine that works best for them.

Any advice?

Were you walking a lot on your vacation?

Yes, definitely walking a I am back to my desk job.

I think the solution is pretty obvious. You need to move to Europe.

But seriously, Karen is exactly right, lots of walking can markedly improves your insulin sensitivity.

Amazing what exercise can do for your diabetes, just hard to keep at it when we have to work for a living. Desk/cube jobs are killers, I am at one too. I try to take the stairs at work and walk when I get home, but many times too tired from sitting all day.

YES, moving to Europe is clearly the answer :)

Exercise really is the best though. in college (2 years ago) i walked 1 hour each way every single day...numbers were amazing!! I was never a big fan of the gym but I do love power walking.

I think I need to add a walk (maybe 2) back into my daily routine.

Does anybody suggest a specific time...before lantus or after? I take AM and PM shot.

I try to exercise before I bolus, otherwise I will go low and if blood sugar is in normal range I eat about 15 carbs for my walk (bolus free). I am on a pump and have never really had good luck with backing off on my basal or walking after I eat and adjusting my bolus, but I know others have.

Gary Scheiner recommends cutting back on a meal bolus by 1/3 for exercise after eating. I’ve successfully done this a few times. In fact I’m trying it again today. I’m eating breakfast now and will go out for a 2 1/2 mile hilly walk after breakfast. My goal is to maintain a good BG while walking without eating any dex4s.

Isn't it amazing how we thrive when we are happy and stress free, I had a office in Amsterdam and walking 20 or 30 blocks to the office or a cafe was a daily joy...driving to my office or a restaurant and waiting for a table here is a nightmare...

Perhaps the time shift created some sort of turbulence that needs to settle? Did you change your lantus pattern to European time or did you continue to inject at US times?