today for some reason i cannot get my bs down with my pump (minimed). its over 300 now. i have changed out my set twice today thinking there was some sort of problem with the tubing, or maybe i had a kink somewhere. ...but nothing. I now feel scared. emailed my doctor but doubt if i will hear back from her today as its sunday. any advice?

Is it near the end of an insulin bottle? I've noticed that my BG will run higher at the end of a bottle than at the beginning?

take a shot! we're told that, if you're high and correct, check and in two hours if you can't get your blood sugars down or that haven't moved with the pump...take a shot. also, your doctor's office has an emergency if needed. drink water and test for ketones!

Please take a shot. If that doesn't work, make sure to use a fresh bottle of insulin (sometimes the insulin gets weaker if it's down to the end of the bottle). If that doesn't work, call your doctor's office; they should have an emergency number to page someone on call. If you feel like things aren't working or your BG is going up, don't hesitate to go to the ER. Drink lots of water too. Sometimes that can help get your BG down.

Do you have ketones?

I would say to look at your insulin, as well. Could it be hormones? Most women become insulin resistant the week before their periods. Of course, this would most likely be nothing new. Perhaps there is an infection or illness brewing.....
Good luck. Drink lots of water.

Beaner, do you have any syringes or an insuli npen?. You should
yake shot Use the bolus wizard to calculate how much to take by an injection. I always disconnect and let the pump bolus( drip out) the few little units in the exact amount I inject. It helps the pump to let you know how much insulin is "on board"...This procedure works faster than the pumped insulin.
Imoortant:Monitor you blood sugars everyhalf- hour to an hour, keeing mind of the insulin that is on board,
Take a protein or fat snack:, a slice of kmeat, tuna, chicken or a cheese stick, or nuts. These foods will not raise your blood sugars,( Well a very miinmal rise, no spike). They will, however, stabilize the downward trend to a mild slope rather than looking down on the Matterhorn from a deep blood glucose drop.. . If you have not gone down within 3-4 hours, or are climbing and spillling ketones, I would go to the ER.
If you are newly diagnossed, it is also wise to call your endo on his emergency line if you stay high for hours. It was wise of you to change the set out, too.

Unless your bottle of insulin is bad, You should be ok. Another suggestion, shoot up from another bottlre and change the insulin in the resevoir from a new bottle, too..Got to rule everything out.

Let us know here at Tudiabetes how you are doing. Hope you come down soon!!!

God Bless

What I mentioned to you has always worked for me: You did the right thing in changing out the set

Hello Acidrock23, thank you. i changed the entire set and used new insulin. my bs is now 258. and i already feel better. musta been something wierd. thanks for your reply. Many Blessings

thanks Type1Gal, i changed my set for the 3rd time and now bs is going down. I feel better already. your advice is helpful. Be Blessed.

thanks MyBustedPancreas. i did change the insulin again for trial no.3 and it is working. i feel better too. maybe my insulin is blessed.

thanks elaine peterson, i did redo my insulin and started with a fresh bottle. changed whole set again. it seems to be working. i usually am low on water so am drinking more. thanks. be blessed.

Well, if it's working now, I'm not sure I'd agree w/ a shot. Maybe a walk around the block or something like that will help? I had surgery in October and was sort of thrown off by not exercising for 4 weeks and walked the dog a lot. She's probably wondering what's up now?

great...glad to hear you're feel better!

So glad....

Often exercise is the wrong thing to do with Bg above 300, it can actually make Bg go even higher. To many stress hormones going on with ultra high Bg, just like there are with hypo's.

I've noticed when I get down to that last little bit of insulin, I don't get as good of control. I had maybe enough insulin to fill my reservoir half way, before needing to open a new bottle, but I just tossed it, its not worth it to me running higher, to "save" a little money or insulin or whatever.

I also notice the week I ovulate and the week before my period I really have to crank the basal up and really have to watch the carb intake.

But I think after trying to change out the infusion site after the second time I would have just opened a new bottle of insulin, and as others have suggested maybe bolused with a shot.

I've heard that but I have very good results with walking correction boluses to work faster in situations where I've had really high BG. I'm not pushing it but I think that it gets the insulin working faster. And getting fresh air is always a good thing? It also sort of spends time, which also will help the insulin get going. I've only seen what I presume are adrenaline spikes if I'm really going all out, 100%, running as fast as I can or doing stuff like weight lifting. Walking is a really good flow fit for me and more of a get out there and move thing? I think that it works for this sort of situation.

I wonder if instead of 10 ml, they ought to sell 7.5 ml bottles that wouldn't have the "end of the bottle syndrome" problem?

I've noticed keeping mine in the fridge after opening it, instead of having it lying around at room temperature really seems to make a difference too. LOL only thing is I have to remember to take it out and let it warm up a bit, hahaha.

I dunno, I always keep mine in the fridge but the bottles seem to get "tired" by the end of the jug. :-(

Either that or I need to stop sleeping with my heating pad cause Im so cold all the time, lol...Think I cooked some insulin one night.

My little dog likes to curl up against me. I worry that if the pod is next to her that her heat will do that. So many things to be conscious of!