Afrezza Blog by DiabeticAaron

Asked Endo by phone was told too ask at appointment aboUt Afrezza That appointment is one hour away.

Aaron - I look forward to reading about your experience with Afrezza, if it's prescribed today. I notice that you're a long-term T1D. I'm also a T1D and have found it helpful. I'm only 11 days in and am still learning how to best use it. I'm thinking things will settle out at the 30-day mark.

I also use the Dexcom CGM and find it a great help.

Please post your experience with Afrezza, the meals you eat, and the resultant Dex traces. Good luck.

Pharmacy said insurance doesn’t cover but I put in a phone call and expect an override. Also not in stock but can get it for me when I’m sure I want to pay for it. Leaving town tonight so none today.

That's a disappointment. Good luck with you insurance appeal.

Hi no not disappointing I expected that it happens often with new drugs it would’ve been surprising otherwise a couple day delay is expected

Insurance won’t cover it. I will pay $250. Getting a spirometree test first.

My insurance also said they would not cover it, even days later after getting the medical necessity override. I went into the pharmacy expecting to pay ~450 but insurance came around and covered it. I hope that happens for you too.

But if not you should print out one of these afrezza savings card, it can reduce the amount you owe by $150:

Good luck!

When I switched from humulin to humalog I got low BG after eating

I’ve been on Invokana for four months stil having uncertainties about insulin responses. A few years back I tried that injectable hormone diabetics lack that slows digestion. It worked and BG didn’t spike. But it was before CGM and I couldn’t handle the dietary and dosing changes.

Dinner tonight was calf liver and two cans of chili and a unsweetened soy milk. But I started with a cup of grape juice because CGM alarmed. BG rose to 150 and leveled there. OK here goes one hour after start of dinner Eight unit afrezza. OK it did sting and lower throat is irritated. BG is 165 and just inflected up. 75 to 150 quickly from grape juice. Liver and chili just kicking in when I took Afrezza. I can’t put a picture on or I’d put cgm graph.

The rise stopped dead in its tracks. Graph level then slow decline to 130 at one hour after dose. Good night.

9:30 to 11:30 BG rose from 130 to 190. I’m experiencing symptoms of spring allergyish.

Second dose of Afrezza. Again the 8 unit equivalent. BG 332, 1.3 units on board last bolus four hours prior. Ate cookies and milk as a "rage" low BG correction. Am physically active at work and body is adjusting to new activity and increased activity level. A bolus wizard correction would have been 6.8 units. And of course I'd wait a few hours to find it didn't work. And when I became fed up with being hi i'd "rage hi BG correct, etc. , etc. The dose didn't sting like first time. The throat and lungs feel irritated. The post nasal drip and swollen eyes of last night were gone in the morning. Good night.

One hour later 278, taking another dose, same size...that's a large total after only one hour. But not being hi all night could make for a healthier tomorrow. Good night.

Are you taking notes of your preprandial levels and how many carbs you ate and your afrezza dose and timing the good old fashioned way with a pencil and paper? In my observation sometimes having so many tools like pumps and CGM etc just is too many variables to comprehend and weigh and getting back to basics is sometimes so effective. In my experience timing is everything with afrezza… Good luck buddy… My results with afrezza have been great so far

BG dropped to 220 by aprox. 10:00. 11:00 from the Invokana effect(woke to pee) and basal insulin slow steady BG drop to level at 3:00 at 136cgm/149blood test.

continued luck to you Aaron. Keep us updated.

Chili is something I’ve been hesitant to try with afrezza… It’s on the to-do list. It’s such a slow digesting food that even with novolog I bolus immediately before eating and usually stay flat until hour 3 then see a noteworthy spike… It will be a tricky food for me with afrezza. I’m not sure where id start. I wouldn’t be surprised if my best results with it might be found by waiting even a full hour after eating chili to dose the afrezza.

When I switched from humulin to humalog I got low BG after eating

Was this something unexpected? Did your Endo not have you adjust your dosage and possibly the timing of the injections?

TV dinner but didn’t eat the pudding, added a spot of salsa and 1/2 pound of beef heart. TV dinner label read 87,17,29:carb,protein, fat. Larger of the two sizes of doses, only one taken near end of meal. Slight appetite stimulant. BG rose from 115 to 170 during 15 minutes following meal.

Pizza: 200g carb. BG 125. Slept 15 hours. Basal at 0.2 previous six hours. Invokana not insulin keeping BG down. Insulin starved. No insulin with pizza. When BG 210 one afrezza dose. One hour later second dose with 8 pump units. One hour later third afrezza dose with 5 pump units. One hour later fourth afrezza dose. Those are the larger of the two available sizes. BG up to 310. Now 275 and flatline 15 minutes after last dose.

BG 101. Dinner chili lentils eggs. 120g carbo. Wizard says 12 but took units 8 afrezza 7 pump. Pump before start eat, afrezza 20 minutes after start. BG rose to 122 and flat.