First "official" Afrezza

I acquired some Afrezza yesterday. I’d had a quick taste of it through a friend and it stopped a margarita dead in it’s tracks so I called the doctor and it took a few weeks but yesterday was D-Day for me. I continued to be very impressed with it! I had 2x 4U puffs for an 80G of carb pile of ramen noodles (we are moving, anything complicated wasn’t in the cards yesterday…I tossed in some chicken, shallots and broccoli, cleaning out the pantry/ fridge!) and got a very nice, flat line out of it. This pic is 4:15 after “blast off”. Trying again this AM, DP is still grinding away so I prebolused/ prepuffed (?) a bit to give it time to dig in!

This is last evening:


great stuff Acid. Line looks great.

Good luck, @acidrock23. Your initial experience with Afrezza is very promising. Comments by @Sam19 place a large importance on timing the dose well. I know he has said for some meals he waits to dose till after he eats. I’m sure you’ll start to learn your own patterns. Using a CGM is an advantage.

I’m also in the process of moving. It’s like some massive memory test to be able to find something. I went to Costco yesterday and just bought 100 pen needle cause I didn’t want to dig into a series of boxes and possibly come up empty-handed.

I’ll be curious as I follow your Afrezza trial.

I only dose after I eat-- usually no less than 15 minutes after I eat, sometimes as much as 30+ minutes or split to 30 minutes then an hour…

Congrats AR

Great start @acidrock23 keep us informed of how it’s going!

Anyone have any wagers how long it takes him to get tresiba and throw that pump into a box in his closet?

LOL,that seems somewhat unlikely @Sam19, BlueCross’s pharmaceutical minions called and said “it’s not covered, you have to talk to them…hold on…” and dumped me into a BCBS call center. It took them a bit to locate the correct department but, after about 1/2 hour on the phone, they said “we have to look into this, we’ll call you back”. It took about 5-10 minutes and they called back and were like “it’s not on the formulary, it’s not covered, there’s nothing you can do”. Other than, of course, hitting golf balls through their windows…

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That’s the afrezza that’s not covered or the tresiba? I’ve not ran into blanket “not covered” proclamations with mine. Mine like to “require prior authorization” where they just big you down with hoops to jump through until most people just give up. Fortunately they severely underestimate how much time I have on my hands.

I suspect we will see tresiba covered more and more… Nobody had too hard of a time getting novolog and it’s the same manufacturer, so I’d assume they know how to negotiate acceptable rates, etc

Plus even if my insurance didn’t cover it id find a way to pay for either one… Even without the discount card 20u of tresiba costs less than 5 bucks / day if you pay cash… Maybe that’s tough for some to afford but a lot of us spend more than that every day on coffee and smart phone bills-- don’t quite understand why people accept that insurance can dictate what they can and can’t do. Quality of life is worth $5/day

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