After 22 years of haveing type 1 diabetes i am complication free but in all these years I've only gone to the Endo when I feel like it b

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Yeah, I don’t get this either… but I do want to state that I’ve also seen these claims, unless you’ve been thoroughly screened for complications you can’t claim to be “free” of them… most of them develop without any perceptible symptoms.

I’m guessing in all that time you’ve not seen an eye doctor (not just an optometrist) either…

I agree. I had 2 different stomach tests done that both showed food in my stomach for a fasting test. One of those tests was done 8 years before I was diagnosed with gastroparesis and the other was 5 years. Up until the year I was officially diagnosed, I had no signs that I had gastroparesis. When I went to the gastroenterologist, I took copies of the tests I had and he agreed I probably had gastroparesis and did the official testing.

I’ve perceived her other posts and think that she goes to the endo to get rx’s, etc and treats herself, as noted in more detail in her other post…oops…

I think the other one with the same title went up after this one though!

Misfire, it’s a good post so I am not throwing any yellow flags here!

I though it was supposed to be a thought provoking kind of post!

the other post is a thought provoking post!