After two trips to the e.r., one trip to the doctor's office where I flat out told my doctor to admit me, they finally discovered what has been making me throw up so much this year. I thought I had 3 bouts of the stomach flu but after this last admission and the nausea meds not working they decided to do some tests. After an upper GI that showed food in my stomach after fasting for 12 hours they did a gastric emptying study and discovered I don't digest my food. So now I deal with neuropathy in feet and stomach but thank God my eyes are still fine. I am really struggling to come to terms with this diagnosis. My A1C has been good the past few years, nothing really higher than 8. This past one was 6.7. But like I told my mom no matter how tight of control you have, it is always causing reversible damage. I am seriously thinking about getting into counseling for this. I am not really depressed but having a hard time coming to terms with this.

What kind of insulin do you take?

I had the same problems when I was taking insulin manufactured with brewer's yeast. I was allergic to the brewer's yeast and I would end up in the hospital for days with unstoppable vomiting, vertigo, shortness of breath, diarrhea, etc. I now take insulin manufactured with genetically modified e-coli and I feel great. Hope you feel better very soon.

Humalog via pump.
They started me on 10 mgs of Reglan and it has been helping so far. Low fiber diet, 6 small meals a day but i know my doctor told me he wants to try to cut that dose of Reglan in half but I am going to talk to him about not changing anything since it is working.

Cody, Old Friend. I have missed you. This sounds very difficult. I'm sort of a poster child for "Tight Control Does Not Mean No Complications". Even with an Aic in the mid-5s, I've got the beginnings of liver trouble and several other problems....I look forward to re-connecting. You are not alone!.....Blessings and Love...

I have missed you as well. I am looking forward to reconnecting with several old friends in the room.

I also have gastroparesis but with me it,s irregular peristalsis
I take probiotics & psyllium which helps
I have to find out which foods don,t agree with me
Good luck

My A1C was 7 when I was diagnosed. While not perfect a lot of people would love that. I never new you could have stomach problems until I was diagnosed.

i've had t1 for 78 years
use humalog with pump
am now almost 81

Blessings, Shoshana. You are, as always, an inspiration.....xx000


YDMV. "Your Diabetes May Vary". Actually, it should read YDWV (will vary).

It's a truism that tight control does not mean no complications. For most people, it means a lot fewer complications, and slower developing. That's not the same as "none", for sure. And of course it varies from person to person. Why does one person develop retinopathy where the person next to them only has a frozen shoulder? Or vice versa? And why do the SAME complications develop in two people, but years and years apart? YDWV!

Everything about this insane disease is a variable; we spend our lives chasing moving targets. For some, 6.7 would be "tight control", for others it wouldn't. Not saying it isn't for you -- I'm not a doctor -- but, YDWV once again.

Anyway, you have a crowd of us here pulling for you. But of course you know that.


For the most part being diabetic doesn't bother me, but at times like this when you get hit out of left field with a complication diagnosis it makes me hate diabetes. Right now I F****** HATE DIABETES. Also hate the fact so many people don't understand it and immediately think I am doing the wrong things. Do they really think I like having complications? It is like they think I am doing things wrong on purpose because I don't care.

I understand, sweetie. Judgemental people impair our ability to be present in our own reality. Guess what? Their judgemental perceptions only demonstrate their Narrowness of World View....Take a deep breath and pity them....Love you...xx000

I've had it for nearly 10 years. I dream of an A1C under 9.0 - the reason being that one day my stomach empties almost fine, then the next it doesn't work at all. When you try to match insulin to food based on when the carbs are going to hit your bloodstream, it is critical that the stomach function predictably. My endo says my A1C will never be reasonable because of the gastroparesis, while a gastroenterologist will say (and I've seen 5) that they can't fix the stomach because the A1C is so high.

But here is where it gets dicey. I need a new hip and a spinal fusion. With an A1c of 8.7, the surgeon I eventually saw said no way he'd touch me.

I'm down to one "real" meal a day, and two more canned, Ensure-like drinks. Yippee.

I hope you have better luck than I.

i get two real meals and two ensures a day. When I see gastro I am going to check into the gastric pacemaker.