After 35 years injecting,,,my first day as a pump user,,,Today!

first day as a insulin ping pump user…guess im ready than ill ever be,what should i expect these next few days? i know it takes time to adjust the basal rates and such …i also feel awkward with the tubing hanging around…this is a big transition for me any tips people?

Hi pump twin…lol. I’m nobody to be giving advice, but I’ve played with locations all week when I was on saline and checked out the other pumping women at my type 1 women potluck the other night. Me, I just kind of stick the tubing into the pocket or uner my jeans. I noticed some women actually loop it and tape it down. Do you have the 23 inch or the 43? I got both and the 43 is definitely too much tubing (though it makes it easier to put it down when changing clothes).

i got the 23 inch one as i am short! i kind of feel like a robot!

Hey, we’re bionic women!! Did you get your free skin yet? I got a purple one. I also ordered a tummy belt/pocket which is pink with peace symbols from Tallgear. Anything that makes it all look pretty and less “surgical”. My trainer showed me the “waist-it” and it is so sterile looking!

LOL bionic woman! what site did u go on for the holders?
i need to get the skin soon…
mary ann I really liked their selection. is another one people recommend.

I ordered the free skin along with the EZManager software that I look forward to using to customize food selections.

cool,thanks,ill check it out,i dont know if ill do the software my computer is a mess…