After a week on new pump..I'm going back to MDI

You should have taken the lantus and unhooked 2 hours later. or something like that.

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i can’t tell you how many times i have hit a blood vessel or capillary!!! i can see the blood “leak” out through the little “window” where the site is (the clear part). i have realized that i do not get complete absorption of my insulin if i leave the infusion there. so, i pull it out and start again. it pisses me off b/c am running out of my silhouettes before i use up my reservoirs. also, it plain old hurts to stick myself again w/ that darn introducer needle. oh well. finding a “good” site can be a royal pain in the —. hope this help a little bit. also, i don’t know anything about the POD. i use the MM pump.

why not use a more comfortable set? I cant tolerate silhouettes.

just to chime in, i discovered this great way to clip on the pump when i want to wear a dress: i wear (and i know this may sound icky or silly but i swear to it) boys underwear, b/c they have that nice and thick band around the waste. if i need to bolus, i simply do it under the table, or excuse myself and go to the ladies room.

I can relate because when I started pumping 25 years ago, I felt the same way. Something always attached, always hanging off my belt. I thought it was going to fix everything. For 6 months I just wanted to throw it out the window. But as I got better dealing with it, I started seeing how much better my life was. I love the fact I can sleep in and not have to worry about no insulin. So 25 years later, I will say I love pumping and for the first time switched to a different company. But I realize YDMV and if MDI works go for it. I just think a little more time might have given you a better feel for it. Good luck!

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