After an Open Letter the JDRF Opens Up – Part II

Yesterday at Six Until Me (thanks again, Kerri!) I described part of a conversation that I had with Mike Kondratick, Director of the JDRF Grassroots Advocacy program. And again I want to thank Mike for the nearly 2 hours he spent on the phone with me. We left off with the JDRF wanting to take a more collaborative role with the Adult T1 audience, to actually talk “to” them as opposed to talking “at” them and to help facilitate communications within the adult T1 community not only for advocacy but for support as well.

One of the first major steps that the JDRF’s advocacy program is … Read more at Strangely Diabetic

Some info from IDF to add to your blog, Scott , hope OK ?

The links …and YES to lets get more " monuments " lit on November 14 …my community is mentioned on the Canadian link ( I must have neglected in 2009 to mention about our home lit with blue lights :frowning: )

Absolutely, OK Nel… Thanks!