After Bolus Reminders

My son is new to pumping and he currently has his after bolus reminders set at every 2 hours. However, it would be nice if we could shut off those alerts at night? Is this even possible? It seems that we can only set it to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours according to our manual. I'd call service but it takes forever to get through.

Setup Advance 2 "Bolus" "Reminders" On or Off. You can turn it on or off so if you are using it during the day turn it off B-4 bedtime and don't forget to turn it back on at breakfast.

You can’t turn the reminder off with the remote, but you can with the pump itself. If you manually enter in his BG’s into the pump it will allow you to change the reminder to zero or up to 4 hours manually and it doesn’t affect the preprogrammed settings.

I do as Korey suggested because turning it off completely and then having to remember to turn it back on again in the morning would drive me insane. Once you deliver the last bolus at night when the 2hr reminder confirmation comes up just dial it back to 0 and that is it, no reminder overnight. If I forget to reset it to 0 and have confirmed a 2hr reminder all I do is deliver a normal bolus of 0 units(ie tell the pump to deliver nothing) and you get a chance to reset the reminder back to 0 again.

Thank you Glen

Thank you Korey

Thanks E-J