Post-meal alerts

When I had a Cozmo, I could set the alerts to remind me to check my BG two hours after a meal bolus. How do I do this on the PDM? I looked through the alerts menu but all I saw that I could do is set an alert for a specific time.


Hi Erika,

Here’s how to do it with the new PDM:

>System setup
>BG reminder

That’s it. Next time you do a bolus, it will ask you if you want to set a reminder. Use the hot key to select “Yes” and then dial up the time you want. I goes in half-hour increments.

Cheers, Mike

I’m not sure. I should probably read my manual (i never read it). However… I found something that MIGHT be what you’re looking for:

Home -> Settings -> System Setup -> Alerts/Reminders -> BG Reminder

Mine is off. But if you turn it on, it might be the 2 hr reminder. I’m not sure, though! Maybe you’ll have to experiment with it.

Oh, and I’m not sure what this would look like on an old PDM, but those are the instructions for a new PDM.

hahaha. i never bothered to scroll down and see if anyone else replied. i guess we were on the same track. lol.