Minimed Paradigm pump - Tips and tricks

To go to the Set Bolus screen :
Click on the Bolus Wizard button. You see an Enter BG screen. Ignore this and press the Bolus Wizard button again. Depending on whether you have set Dual Wave setting to on or off, you will see a new screen. Choose the type of bolus you want to give yourself and press ACT. Then you can choose the number of units, etc. in the ensuing screens.

This feature is not discussed in the user manual - I checked. All it says is that if you have turned the Bolus Wizard feature off you can go to the Set Bolus screen by pressing the Bolus Wizard button.

Now, you have another way to access the Set Bolus screen even when your Bolus Wizard is active. Why would you want to do this? Sometimes, I know how much insulin I want to take and that I want it as a Square Wave or Dual Wave or just a Normal bolus; but I don’t want to go through the hassle of pressing the Up Arrow and confirming the bolus and all that. That’s when this shortcut comes in handy.

Okay, the title is not quite accurate because I have only one tip I talked about. I’m hoping others will chime in with their favorite tips/tricks.

I meant Bolus Wizard. Thanks for the correction, Dave_…I’ll correct it in the post now.

Any advise on how to manage the brusing from the tube.

Thanks for the tip John!

I need to bolus early for my meals. So I use the 30 minute blood glucose check reminder in the Bolus Wizard to remind me to eat. I try to eat after 20-25 minutes, but the 30 minute alarm is a good feature to make sure that I don’t forget. It has prevented some dangerous lows. I wish that I could set it for 15 minutes.

What infusion set are you using? You may want to try a different infusion set. Have you tried Sure Ts?

I recently started using the remote for my MM 722 pump because I now wear the pump in a SPI-belt that goes under my jeans. That way, the complete contraption is hidden from view and nobody can tell I’m wearing a pump.

Everything was working fine until just now, when I tried to bolus using the remote, I did not hear the answering “beep” from my pump. I went to the bathroom, undid my jeans and took out the pump from my SPI-belt, and saw that there was a warning of insulin level of less than 20 U left in the pump. Once I cleared that alert, my remote worked fine. But it is so annoying - what do I do if I am not in a place where I can check and clear the pump of alerts like these? Is there a way to disable these alerts? I haven’t really driven deep into the menus so I don’t know.

go to the main menu & click Utilities > Alarm > Low Resv Warning The lowest alert setting you can put it on (for a 522, don’t know if it’s different for a 722) is 5u or 2 hour/ remaining. I don’t think you can completely disable it though. Hope that helps.

Thanks, Amanda! That’ll help in preventing the alarms coming up at 20 U and 10 U.

Can you just use the alarm clock feature under the utilities screen to set 15 mins?

Yes, I could, but it is so convenient to have it right at the end of the bolus wizard. What I usually do instead is just use the kitchen timer.