I feel so left out... lol

I feel so left out. I've been checking profiles and all I see is T1s. Hardly anyone I see is T2. Am I just an odd ball T2 with an Omnipod? After 1 day with the pod, I'm no where near my bg goal of 80. But I will have to say I'm not in the 2-300 range either. Well except for last night's lil complex xmas party. But other than that.. they're in the 150s which is awesome. I remember not caring and peggin the meter at 4-500s and people said I should be in a comma. But the doc said if your used to hi blood sugars it wouldn't have much effect unless it was in the 7-800s. But I think it really hit me when Brett Michaels said " It either controls you or you control it" End of story.

I totally agree with that. Unfortunately mine has been controling me for the last few years now. :o( I've been on so many pumps that the Pod is just another model to me. I do like not to be hooked on the cords but sleeping is a whole nother story lol Good luck with the Pod

I'd have to disagree with the doctor... you are DEFINITELY being affected much before your sugars get to 7-800. Best wishes on your OmniPod adventure!

Hey Guy,

I'm a T2 , your not alone. Been on POD for 2 years , love it. I've just been put on permanent disability and will have no health insuance for the next 18months, There is a 24month waiting period before I can get Medicare Ins. I get my insulin free from Lilly Co, but no more pods. I have 3months of pod left. Oh well it could always be worse. Good to hear from another T2. Keep your BG under control it's worth it. Happy Holidays. Matt

I'm T2. Been on the pod since March. It has dropped my A1C by almost 5 points.

DCG...... you might not feel the high blood sugars if you are used to them, but that doesn't mean that they are not causing mayhem in your body. Absolutely keep on trying to control it. As well as getting your carb counts, ratios and basal rates fiqured out, try bolusing 15 - 20 minutes before you are going to eat and playing around with extending the bolus. You'll get to those 80's.

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Thanks Elaine. I just switched out my pod. Hhhmm 2 days is what they said a pod would last, I think they need to put me on u500 now. But yea the Diabetes educator set me to a 3 to 1 carb ratio. They said check the blood b4 the meal than 2 hrs afterward. By the way... the 2nd pod I tried was a bad one. lol I had to hit it with a hammer to stop the beeping. The educators here give ya their cell number and make u call them during the 1st day. And now I have an appt with the educator in 2 weeks and one with the Endo after the 1st month.

Oh and Steve.. my last A1C was 13.2 I really wasn't on top of the diabetes. But again that was a month ago.

Too be totally blunt, I'd consider a doctor that tells a patient "blod sugars below 700 aren't affecting you much" to be completely incompetent! If it were me, I'd immediately find another doctor and never visit that one again. I don't say that lightly, but there's almost no circumstance I can think of where chronic high BG (above, for example, 150) isn't going to cause long-term damage.

Well maybe I said it wrong, What I actually meant was if I was used to the high blood sugars I wouldn't go into a coma like other people thought.

I'm a T1.5 , which really makes me the odd man out!

I am T2 I have been using the Omni Pod since July 2010 so I guess I am the 2nd odd ball! My last A1C was 7.2 on 10/18/10. It use to range 11 to 9 but I have this doctor that really gets upset if it high and she said I needed to get control of my BS. I think the Omnipod is awesome a little more expensive but well worth it. In the future I want to be able to get my A1C down to 6 and below. Yea, Bret is correct its all about control!

I started as a T2 in 1992 and went on insulin in 1999. I took a brief period in 2006 from insulin but went back on with the Omnipod. I went on the pod May 2008 and the previous November my A1c was 12.6. My last one in November 2010 was 6.3.

I’m T2, diagnosed about 20 years ago. I’ve been on insulin for about three years and about 1 1/2 years with the pod. My A1C dropped from about 7.5 to 6 the first three months I was on the pod. I’ll never go back to shots if I can help it. The pod isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than 4 shots a day. I’m also using much less insulin than I was with Lantus.

That is true. I like the pod alot better than single injections.