Thanksgiving Dinner BGs

I am curious to see what kind of after dinner bgs people will have and what kind of correction it will take to get you back in tolerance.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe.

I don't intend to correct. I'm going to overbolus, eat a low carb dinner and then force myself to eat pumpkin pie and cheesecake in order to get my blood sugar on target.

Like I tell my kids, "do what I say, not what I do."

+1 planning to overbolus...and prebolus for the appetizers,,,,proverbolus?

I am totally shocked; two hours after I ate my Bg was 139. I guess my estimate of 80 carbs at dinner was pretty good. And yes I would consider this a low carb meal for Thanksgiving.

crusing at 66 right before guests get here...

10G of carbs sounds about right...

Looks like a good time. Have fun.

CGM says i’m at 93 and holding steady. Pure luck.

243 after meal damn it was good just took a correction going ice skating should be fine later

Happy Thanksgiving

I was thinking about this topic today. My numbers for today are 146 one hour after lunch and 156 one hour after dinner.

3 hrs after dinner and I'm at 119 . . . . just enough room left for that apple crisp (it is lower carb) my wife makes for me. Looking to cruise into a stable 100 before bed. Like Jim . . . pure luck.

Fr*gg*n Humalog. It was the last units in the pen and they barely did anything. I was 156 mg/dl 2 hrs after dinner. So much for my overbolus.

But no worry, I had a new pen and the only thing better than an overbolus is an insulin stack designed just specifically for pumpkin pie!

167 three hours after dinner. And there's still food in my stomach waiting to be digested. But I'm really not upset. After all, I don't do this too often, and I think it's OK to go hog-wild once in a while. And I did do a square wave bolus, so I'm still getting insulin. If I don't come down in a couple of hours, I can always do a correction! :-)

Ugh don't ask, lol I think I SERIOUSLY underestimated what I ate. Grrrrrrr. Wasn't even worth it for all the hassle of trying to get my numbers back down. Maybe Christmas will go better.

Same here... my family decided to eat out for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Thought I was making good choices by ordering grilled fish. But then there was a delay in the food coming and so I ate more carbs due to the delay... Ended up high and correcting. I agree that the hassle of bringing it down isn't worth it. If I could just stop eating life would be so much easier....

Sturm und Drang...

We ate out too, and sadly I've found its not worth the hassel. My carb count is almost always off.

I didn't do a tratitional Thanksgiving meal and ate my normal lunch. No problem.

87 before meal and 115 2hrs out. Guess I got lucky. I over bolused and figured I 'd correct later if needed or I'd crash early. I prepared for either outcome. Must have guessed it right cause I didn't have to do either. I wonder if I can manage it again, there's still some pecan pie left.

Nathan's trend was pretty nice for a "pick what ever you'd like to eat" Thanksgiving Dinner. Just after peak, he bolused for apple pie a la mode. We totally flew by the seat of our pants, expecting to correct, but must have overbolused too. Glad to see him flatten out for a while before bed.

Here's the multi-step apple pie I made, thanks to Alton Brown! It was yummy!

That shows your experience! :) Might be waking Nate if he does come up a little more on his own, he's been beeping low. Dinner was back at 4:30. I should have gave him a snack, but he was 135 a half and hour before bed. We'll see.