hi all,

I’m alive and well! Thank you all so much for your comments, it helps so much to know when i reach out for help, the help is there! My sister and her family are going for counselling, they’re all pretty messed up but wanted the family and friends around them for the long weekend which definitely helped.

As for my drinking on Friday night, I didnt even have a hang over BUT I did stay in bed until about 11am on Saturday. I was so nervous about going low that I tested every hour to make sure I was ok. So, all’s good that ends well.

Good good, glad we could help a little, I felt so bad for you and your family.
Glad there was no hang over and no dramatic lows or anything, and lie ins are fine when you’re checking like you were, I am a bit slack on that sometimes blushes
Hope things get back to normal for you and them really soon x

Wow you sure musta been drinking alot to check every hour!!
As long as you make sure to keep your carbs up by eating before during and after drinking LOL well thats what I do, no seriously, as long as you are eating something to raise your carbs u will be fine and its not real necessary to go thru all those test strips… Kinda takes the enjoyment out of drinking and relaxing if you are checking like that… I can see if your plan was to drink the entire bottle… Doing Shots… But just casual drinking , mixed drinks, as long as u are eating u will be fine… And if you are mixing with OJ or Juices, you actually have to watch that you don’t go too high. Sweet and sour mix makes me go way high, there is a “diet” sweet and sour mix that I use, about half as many carbs… But even then, the amount of alcohol does not balance the carbs in the mix… And still very easily go high from it… Sugar free Jello Shots are good though :o)