Really, Sarah? REALLY?

  • Hey Sarah?
    Yes, self?
    Let's have a delicious sugary alcoholic beverage concoction tonight instead of our normal vodka and seltzer water.
    Wow, self, that was delicious!
    Hey Sarah, should we take lots and lots of rage boluses to get this pesky 350 bloodsugar down that won't seem to go away?
    Yes, Self, let's do that instead of just bolusing a little and waiting!
    Hey Sarah! Remember how you were just 350 and now you're 65 less than an hour later??? Doesn't that feel great?!?
    Oh self, you mean how I am crumpled on the floor surrounded by grape juice and glucose tabs and EMTs because my bloodsugar plummeted so badly and wouldn't come up for 2 hours? Yes. It was a lovely experience.

The End.

Wow, that sounds like a lesson learned the hard way. :0(

I hope you're feeling MUCH better now?!

Bad rebound highs today.

OH Sarah, REALLY!!! Glad you're ok.

I'm sure that's a lesson you won't soon forget. Alcohol tends to do that (no, that doesn't mean the way to treat a high is with vodka!). But if that was yesterday, and you've got bad rebound highs today, that means you made it through and things could've been much worse than they are.

As for the final two words of your post... no, it's not The End. You're still here. Thank goodness for that!

I think vodka and soda water is pretty delicious. Sorry about your rough ride! Better luck next time. Wait, I have a "%$&# luck" tattoo...don't go for luck, go for vodka and soda. I had a similar high situation recently when I had enchiladas on a platter w/ rice and beans and, while I didn't eat it all, I didn't bother researching enchiladas and really was kind of out of it for like 2 hours afterwards, watching the high go up and then the nosedive when all the boluses started to finally work.

Yeah. I usually just stick to the vodka/seltzer+a couple lemon slices.
Seems to have zero impact on my bloodsugar (done extensive scientific research of course)
As soon as I add those mixers though, forget it.