Age of diagnosis?

What was your or your child's age of diagnosis?

What is the youngest age of diagnosis that you know of?

I was 16 when I was diagnosed and the youngest is 18 months.

I was 10 (1962). The youngest was a 2nd or 3rd cousin who was 4.

I was DX at 19 years old and my brother at 14. I have meet parents of a 2 year old who pumps. That is cool !

I'll throw in the curveball: I was diagnosed at age 58. I'd go for oldest, but I know there are older initial diagnoses on here and older still out there in the world.

I was 45.

I was 16. Our old neighbor's son was 18 months and two of my high school friends, now married, have a now 3 year-old who was dx'ed at 14 months.

I was diagnosed at 9. A former co-worker was diagnosed at 3, and the son of a former co-worker was diagnosed at 2. I have heard of younger, but only online.

Seems even among those with childhood-onset Type 1, it seems as if a majority of people are diagnosed as teenagers. At a few "real life" support groups I've been to, I am usually the youngest or second-youngest in terms of age of diagnosis.

I was diagnosed at age 3. I've met a handful of others diagnosed younger than me. I was diagnosed in 1974, so I'm 41 now and still going strong -- no complications after 38 years on insulin :)

I was diagnosed at 10yrs, no one at school had D. The lady who works as a receptionist at the docs has a cat who is D, I'm serious, she gives her insulin. I've heard of D dogs but not cats. She's a lovely woman, bit mad into the cats like myself. I'd say the cat was about one year.

I was dxed at 7 and believe my uncle (past last year) was dxed at 4...

I was diagnosed at 20. I have heard about children being diagnosed soon after birth, but I have never really known personally anyone who was that young.

I read an abstract that detailed the immune response was present in an unborn fetus even before birth due to the interaction of the two immune systems ( mother and child).
This was found in amniotic fluid that was taken during the third trimester and tested at a later date after the baby was diagnosed with diabetes.

I think that suggests that it is possible to be born with diabetes, but the abstract was unclear about weather the fetus was diagnosed or just beginning the immune response.

Anyway it was from NEJM from about 2 years ago, If I can find it, Ill post a link here.

I was 14 (1975)

I was diagnosed when I was 11 months old. I am 42 now and have no complications.

I was dxd. at age 3. Looking forward to my 51st D-Anniversary
very soon.

dx'd at 16, i have a buddy that was dx'd at 23 months

I was diagnosed at age 40 ( actually misdiagnosed as a type 2 ) but anyhow I have a friend who's son was diagnosed shortly after birth... as he was born with out a pancreas ! Very rare thing to have happen.

it must be extremely challenging to care for a diabetic baby. I would feel awful having to prick them and jab insulin etc. My boy is 2 years old and that would be hard enough. Imagine a baby?!!!

I was diagnosed at 6 - 1965 - now 53 and still going strong!!

I was 3. Dx'd on 7-6-1958 and still going strong with no issues!!!

I was diagnosed at 53. Now trying to salvage what's left at 60. So far so good. Congrats to all others who have been doing so well for so long.