Agua purificada

Eh…I really hate water…but the weird burning sensation which is not an std…so keep those jokes…is a UTI and it is so painful I can’t even begin to describe the pain. I have consumed 1 Pint of water tonight and this is quite a feat for me. My Diabetes is still out of control…I’m willing to try anything at this point, even freeze dried Diabetic food sent in Diabetic friendly portions…which is indeed pricey. I’m going on a cruise to Cozamel, Mexico in November and I will definitely not drink the water there…I seriously thought that the water I consume from fruit and tea would be enough…but no…it can’t be that easy. I think I’m going to try more raw foods…no breads…I’m so sick of food I could puke. Getting it exactly right is so tedious and mathematical. Ugh. I bought a DS Lite, it’s much more convenient than the bulky original…is it? Maybe I just wanted another game console. Star wars is still so horrible. I’m way too addicted to ebay for my liking. I have faith in this disease…but only because I have seen so many success stories. It just saddens me that because our bodies are not all the same, there are different remedies for different people. One thing that works beautifully for you, will not work on me. I guess I’m just lazy and want a cure so I won’t have to deal with it anymore. love&cupcakes (sugarfree of course)