Cystitis / Bladder Infection / UTI

Do many or any of you ladies suffer from cystitis and/or UTI?
Another condition caused by diabetes!
I barely finish a course or 2 of antibiotics and then it flares up again!
I am so sick of it! :frowning:

I guess I’m the only one it happens to!

I am new to this website and was looking through the groups. i read this post and remembered all the UTI infections i had. remember having the same thing, flare up and heal then flare up again. I was put in medication because my dr felt i was catching it from my husband when we were having sex…dont know how this works but whatever. I started drinking a great deal of water and this is what i see made the biddest difference. The medication was microdantin.

Hope this helps.


Hi Candice,
firstly welcome to tudiabetes!
Thanks so much for your reply.
I’m not sexually active so I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem (blushing smiley face) :slight_smile:
But I’ve also noticed that drinking plenty of water helps.
It started again the other day so I drank and drank and the next day i was fine. Sometimes I also take Ural which is an effervescent powder that is meant to reduce the acidity of the urine to make it more alkaline. Sometimes it helps and other times it doesn’t and that’s when I have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

I just got done with having one, not fun. I was told to prevent it i need to urinate after any form of sexual contact, drink lots of water, lay off the diet coke, and keep my blood sugars tightly controled, also wash up in the shower well and wear cotton panites…they are more breathable and dry quick.

Have you ever heard of AZO standard. I can usually feel a UTI coming on and I start taking AZO standard right away and drink lots of water. AZO standard is a cranberry pill. Much better for blood sugar than actually drinking the juice. It has always worked really well for me and I usually can stop an UTI in its tracks before it can even get fully started. In fact I usually dont even have to go to the doctor.

I’ve had UTI’s for years and was on a daily antibiotic for about 7 years but I was worried about getting a super infection so I asked my doctor what else we could do. He told me about triple strength cranberry pills and to take them daily. I have been off of antibiotics for almost a year now and have not had one UTI. I take one of the pills in the morning and one at night. No change in my blood sugar with them either. I think they are made by Natures Bounty and called Triple Strength Cranberry.

Even though we can’t drink gallons of cranberry juice like the non-dx folks, there’s still hope for us. Try a low-sugar cranberry juice, it still has most of the same compounds that help UTI. What I like to do is make a little detox drink. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lemon into a tall glass. Fill it the rest of the way with water and ice, and maybe a Splenda or 2 if I’m not in the mood for that much sour, and drink up.
I was partway through giving my remedy to a coworker one day, when she asked “Ouch, doesn’t that sting??” She didn’t listen quite long enough to figure out you drink it, not douche with it. I called her Sourpuss after that. :smiley:

Dear Loren

I had so many problems with the fallout from taking so many antibiotics. Have had bladder and kidney infections all my adult life. finally started to use Cranberry Juice. The regular stuff is way too high in sugar for me, so I started using diet cran for the convenience. you can also get the unsweetened concentrate (expensive but worth it – lots less expensive than antibiotics) and you can get capsules of cranberry at the healthfood section. I can tell when I havent had my daily glass of juice – burning and other symptoms happen within 24 hours.

Hope this helps

I heard that drinking juice or water from young coconut is good for bladder concerns and UTI…

Hi Loren… I just joined the community in late June…But i came across this post under Diabetes and Women. I was Wondering if you you ever went to a urologist for your problemed bladder.I was going thru a similar problem as you. i was finally referred to a urologist and she ran several test. It turned out to be a problem many women especially diabetics have it is called Interstitial cystitis. She priscribed a low dose antibiotic that i take daily. and a low dose anti depression med used for pain management.and Enablex for bladder control. now this combination did wonders for me …I also went thru a 6 sessions of bladder instillation (this where the pour a liquid into your bladder to reduce inflamation and prevent muscle contractions)… since i began this i have had no more UTI’s and my over active bladder is no longer a problem. there is no cure for IC but the meds makeit bearable. Let me know how you are doing and here are some sites for more and