Airport security with Dexcom

Silly question maybe but on Saturday I’m taking my first flight wearing a dexcom sensor and I was wondering if anyone’s had any problems with security?

I’ll have to get my doctor’s letter updated to cover spare dexcom sensors as well as other diabetic supplies. Does anyone have any suggested wording?


it is not a silly question. I fly frequently. I just send the receiver through with my carryon stuff. I have had no problem wearing the sensor/transmitter and it has never set off any extra scrutiny. I carry on the extra supplies and have never been questioned about those either. Enjoy your trip. Allen

I travelled from Los angeles to Miami to London to Lagos and back to London and eventually return to Los Angeles. All these within 2 wks early this month. No one, neither here nor overseas made a fuss. I did both patdown and scanner. In Miami where the alarm was triggered, i simply untuck my shirt and showed my sensor to the TSA guy. There was absolutely no issue at all. I wish you a safe journey.
By the way, you can also type “TSA” in the search window on this website and you will see lots of discussions on this topic.

I’ve never been given a hard time surprisingly. Whether I have 2 months supplies with me, pump attached, sensors in, whatever else is possible, they usually just do a quick wipe with their special gadgetry of my hands or the pump and I’m on my way a minute later.

I thought Dexcom said the transmitter and receiver shouldn’t go through any x-ray even on the belt? Is this not true?

I travel often, I always take just a carry on with all of my stuff in it and they’ve never questioned my bag. The sensor has never set off the metal detector, but it does show up on the new body scanners, all you have to do is tell them what it is, they’ll have you rub it with your hand and swab your hand to test for explosives, takes about an extra 2 minutes.

I’ve never heard the x-ray warning. I’ve flown dozens of times and always put the receiver with my carry-on stuff on the belt. I’ve never had a problem.

There is an xray warning for the Animus Insulin Pump. I don’t know of one for the Dex.

Do you have more info on that? Their latest newsletter was a joke… they posed the question, and said to look in the manual for the answer. I’ve put mine through the scanners several times without issue though. I’ve also had medical x-ray technicians tell me it wasn’t an issue (though I left it out of the room anyway). I would imagine that if there was an issue, there would be a warning on the pump like the No MRI warning.

Same as you I put the pump through the xray all the time without issue. All of the Animus information says not to do it but they never say why.

I get stopped with the DEX so now I send it through the x-ray thingy. No problems since. (I know, it’s Sunday!)