Airports: Ones to use (?) ones to avoid

I can say great things about Mpls/St Paul. They identified my pump, recognized that it had to stay attached. I even had one TS agent wax poetic about her nephew's pump and another asked if I really liked to for a relative who was considering one.

Each time I've flown out of San Diego, I've had my infusion set pulled out. Last time was 2010. Hopefully that's changed.

I should have asked for people to list their recommendations. It culd help in planning a trip.

I am not a regular flyer, but all European airports i have been to have never been any problem. Including:
Dublin, Heathrow, Zurich, Prague, Barcelona, Geneva.
I think airports over here are not that bad, but would be interested in other reports.

Schiphol (Amsterdam) has been great too.

CVG (Cincinnati, actually in KY) is terrible. They are rude and everything diabetes is such a horrendous bother. If you can, fly out of Dayton (about a hour and a half north of CVG). They are nicer and things like parking are cheaper anyway.

Indianapolis is easy, Boston, Baltimore, Newark, LaGuardia are awful. Orlando is tough, Charlotte Ft Meyers, Hollywood FL are pretty good.

I've had absolutely great experiences flying out of Boston. Very astute and informed people who understood when I asked that my pump be hand-inspected, and didn't put me through any hassles at all. But do beware of the police outside the airport itself...very rude, and don't even THINK of parking in front of the airport and running in to get someone...they'll tow you before you can even blink.

On the other hand, the Charlotte, NC airport TSa person refused to let me unhook my pump for hand-inspection (Oh no, it's an insulin pump, YOU CAN'T DETACH IT, WE CAN'T LET YOU DETACH IT) and I ended up being wanded, felt up, and totally humiliated.


I've never had a problem with the 9 or 10 airports in the US that I've been through. The inconvenience of arranging which airports to travel through based on a few anecdotal experiences people have had would be way worse than any inconvenience the TSA could cause related to an insulin pump.

The main reason I posted this question was that every time I flew out of San Diego (where I lived) I had to insert a new infusion set because they pulled out the one I was wearing. I said that it was a medical device and could not be pulled out, and yet "Oops" happened. IO am hoping that as more people have pumps, things will change. At least if you find out about an airport that isn't D-friendly, you can be prepared as to what you want to say.