Smith & Nephew recall

What’s up with this Smith & Nephew recall the IV Preps? Anyone else use these. My box is on the list of recalled items, because of a possible bacteria contamination.

The letter says to dispose of the box & wipes you have that are recalled immediately. Then it says that Smith & Nephew is working “diligently” to contact the distributers t& will send out replacement wipes “soon”. You can’t just recall a widely-used medical product people use daily.

Anyone else stuck on what to do? I’m not sure if I should just order a new box w/overnight shipping.

Thank you very much Kaileen, for all the helpful information. I was getting mine from Animas, but just recently ordered this recalled box from an online distributor (can’t remember the company right now). I will definitely be calling both companies. Wow, you must be going through a lot with your daughter & husband right now.

I don’t think anything happened from the third of the box I’ve already used, but I just don’t feel safe using the rest. I’ll have to use the few leftovers I have from a previous order, until I can get some replacements.

Thanks again:)

A warning that getting replacements may be difficult. I had affected alcohol swabs (produced by Triad, for the Walgreens brand name). The Walgreens I visited afterward to try to get a new box was completely out except for ONE remaining (unaffected) box of BD wipes, which I quickly purchased!

Good News! I just received a box from Animas with a box of IV preps which were on back order from my last order of supplies, so the replacement IV Preps are now available

Not for everyone. Neither my pharmacy, my pump supplier or a local CVS had IV preps as of yesterday. My supplier had a related product which doesn’t have any antiseptic properties which they sent me but that really is second best.


Thanks for the update! I’ll try calling Animas