Algorithm for 670G Auto Mode

I very recently started using Auto Mode with my Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump & Guardian CGM Sensor. To help me figure out the best settings, I would like to know the details of the algorithm(s) used by the pump when calculating the Auto Basal, Bolus, and all the other settings & values it calculates based on numbers from the CGM, past history, and other information. I know this may be asking a lot, and asking for information that would normally be left to the pump to calculate behind the scenes. Even though I would, most likely, still let it just use the numbers it comes up with, know how it came up with those numbers would be nice to know. Thanks.

You are asking for proprietary information on the algorithm that Medtronics uses in their 670g pump. There is no way that Medtronics will share that information.

Yeah, I have no idea. however we do have some clues. It takes into account the current or most recent meter reading. It also factors in the prior 2- 4 hours of sensor readings. Likewise it factors in up to seven days of history meaning OK, we are here at this point and this is what happened last time and the time before.

How do the factors work and in what order? No one outside of the 670G programmers and researchers know. Like I say I am not one of those and I have no real idea.

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