Questions about Medtronic 670G insulin pump

If anyone has questions about your Medtronic MiniMed 670G insulin pump, please feel free to ask and I will help. I am an ambassador for juvenile diabetics involved in helping them with insulin pump questions or issues.

When I tried auto mode, the 670G fought pre-bolus insulin by shutting off basal. Does the 670G ever learn to not fight pre-bolus by shutting off basal?

Occasional my 670G displays “sensor updating. Do not calibrate. May take up to three hours.” Or words to that effect. What causes it to do this and why does it take three hours?

This problem happens to me as well and I hate it. I wait it out and keep testing my blood sugar until it says to do something else. Most of the time it ends up telling me to change my sensor.

Thats something I have never heard before with the pump, I am sorry.